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Climate Bonds Initiative marks its 10th Anniversary in 2020

Over the last decade, Climate Bonds has worked to mobilise the largest capital market of all, the $100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions.

Much has been achieved in our first ten years. Yet the challenge remains undiminished and the climate emergency grows.

Covid-19 has provided a stark pointer to the disruptive impacts of the future & the importance of strengthening social adaptation and resilience.
The crisis has also shown that governments, regulators and the financial sector can respond far more quickly in change policy previously thought possible.
Let’s apply that lesson to Transition.

2020 will also mark the fifth occasion of our Green Bond Awards, the most prestigious international acknowledgement of leadership and innovation in green bonds and green finance market development. Since 2016, 132 organisations and individuals have been recognized as pioneers for their contributions to green finance.

At the Conference 2020 we shared the Climate Bonds vision for the next ten years - the Transition Decade - in discussion and debate amongst investors, asset managers, policymakers and civil society stakeholders.

Stay connected, we will mark the date with another event very soon.


For the last four years, we have marked the GBPA in a live event at the Climate Bonds Annual Conference in London. Due to the pandemic, the announcement of the 2020 Awards was deferred to July, to ensure suitable public recognition of all recipients, well in advance of the September conference dates.

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"The Climate Bonds annual conference in 2019 saw over 900 people come from 55 countries to discuss how to grow green finance - and the underlying activity needed to transform our economies - that is commensurate with the huge challenge of addressing climate change. 

The conference has grown from only 100 people four years ago into what is today. The world's largest green finance conference. Across three lively, highly interactive, and future-focused days we heard from 145 speakers in 20 sessions, including a series of nine in-depth roundtables.

The global community of investment, capital and finance specialists who joined us left buzzing with energy to keep pushing change, and growth of green bonds, loans and new investment. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us to make the 2019 conference such a success."

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative


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